Hello, my name is CJ Carr and I would like to take a couple minutes of your time to introduce myself, and inform you of my views, and how I would serve the residents of Symmes township if elected.

To start off ...

  •  • I grew up and have always lived in the Loveland/ Symmes township area
  •  • I was a cub scout and boy scout and obtained the rank of Eagle scout, I moved on to be a cub scout leader and a boy scout leader, and I continue to work with boy scouts on service projects.
  •  • I started, and have been running a small home building , remodeling company in the area for the last 30 years.
  •  • I received the Montgomery - Blue Ash - Symmes Township Rotary Club Entrepreneur Award in 2006.
  •  • I am an active member and currently Vice President of the Symmes Township Historical Society.
  •  • I have worked with numerous township trustees, administrators, and personal on issues in the township over the years, to address issues and concerns and have a good understanding of how the township works.

Now, what would I do if I was elected ...

1. I would be there to represent ALL residents of the township. I have declined to, and will not try to seek an endorsement by either political party. I would work for ALL residents equally, for the benefit of our residents, and our township, and not for the benefit of one group of people or another. Listening to the concerns of the residents and trying to address them is a top priority. Communication improvement is needed, Many residents are unaware of issues in the Township. I would work to make communications better and easier to access between residents and the township, pertaining to issues and activities. Everyone that wants to be heard should be able to voice an opinion, if they are unaware of an issue, how can they voice an opinion? A better method of communication is needed, to try to reach as many residents as possible, before an event or issue has come and passed. I have heard from residents many times in the past, statements like--When was that changed, or done? I heard nothing about it till now.

2. Fiscal responsibility. I have run a small home building/ remodeling company in the area and the township for 30 years. A big part of that is making ends meet and watching every dollar spent. Most people are on some sort of budget.
With funding being cut, things are needed to be done now, to look to the future. Money needs to be spent wisely to maintain the high quality of service township residents deserve and expect. I would work to have a good relationship with businesses in the township. Business brings tax dollars into the township. We need to continue to work hard to keep business and bring new business here. I am not in favor of new or higher taxes, and I am not in favor of any township income tax on the employees of businesses in the township. I would work hard to find places to save money, without reducing services to the residents of Symmes township.

3. Symmes Township has top quality parks. With a diversity between all of them. Many residents use the parks for the walking trails, sports, family activities or just a place to relax and spend time. I am committed to preserving our parks, and keeping them in budget by making the best decision possibly before just spending money on something in the park. I would work hard to keep our parks clean, safe, and up to the needs of our residents. Preserving our parks is a major asset to our community and we need to do everything we can to protect them to allow for our children and future generations to enjoy.

4. In it's current form, I oppose the property maintenance code proposed by the current board of trustees. Most residents of the township are unaware of this proposed code. This maintenance code if adopted by the trustees will cause undo hardship on some residents of the township. Possibly to the extent of forcing some residents to move or loose their homes. It will cost additional time of township personal, and raise expenses for the township. Many issues in this proposed code are already written and enforceable by the county, and some Homeowner associations in the township. There is no reason our hard earned tax dollars should be spent to do the job others should be doing.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message, and once again I am asking for your support on election day November 7 so that we can continue, together to make our township, Symmes township a great place to live and enjoy.